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Seaside Solitude

Seaside Solitude

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Driftwood rests on the beach and sea salt fills the air around you. A thunderstorm in the distance dances with lightning. You finally have some time.

9 oz. Soy wax candle

Crushed sea salt mixed with peppercorn and sheer melon, bound by lush oakmoss. 

The Vibe

Product Details

All of our candles are made with 100% soy wax with absolutely no additives, pollutants or toxins. You can be sure that they are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

With an excellent hot and cold throw, our aromatic candles will breathe life into your space.

Our soy candles burn cooler than artificial waxes, which means they last longer and smell better. The burn time is typically 40 - 50 hours.

How to use

Ensure that all packaging has been removed prior to burning.

Trim the wick to between 1/8 and 1/4 inch prior to every burn.

Allow wax to reach a full melt pool before extinguishing. This refers to the melted wax on the entire surface of the candle.

Only burn your candle for a maximum of four hours per burn.


We will ship your order within 2-5 business days. The time it takes to recieve your order depends on the shipping method chosen at checkout.

Return policy

We hope you love your candle as much as we do, but if you need to make a return, breathe easy.

Contact us at to rectify the issue.

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Owens
Love these candles!

I bought 3 of these candles and love them so much! I’m definitely going to buy more as they will be excellent housewarming gifts this holiday season!

"At Breezii we're dedicated to bringing you some calmness in this chaotic world. Put your feet up, relax and light a candle. Treat yourself - you deserve it!"

Kyle, Owner