The Breezii Story

How can we breathe life into life?

When the pandemic hit, life became lifeless. We all went inside and we stayed there - day after day, month after month. Leaves changed colours. Seasons came and went. Time stayed still, and so did we. Yet, we all got older. Like many, we found that life had lost its vibrancy.

Corporate emails. Work from home. Same routine. Grey skies. It all became a bit too much... Or maybe, too little. Life is worth so much more. So we asked ourselves, "how can we breathe life back into life itself?"

We wrestled with this question for quite some time. Then we realised that we felt most connected with the world and ourselves when we lit a candle and let the stress of life fade away. Candles literally breathe and change the atmosphere around us. This was it - we realised this was our begining.

Inspired, we set out to create beautifully scented candles using all natural and top quality ingredients that are bursting with life. We're committed to the principals of colour, vibrancy and boldness.

Together we can bring life back to life.

Flame on,