We're glad you're here

Our candle making journey began like so many others; as a fun, relaxing and creative hobby. It's grown into our passion and something that we want to share with people. It's grown into a business that we're proud of!

Early on, we knew we wanted our candles to stand out from the pastel, vanilla scented candles that dominate the market. We wanted to take the candle burning experience further.

We decided to bring two things we love together; candles and music. We paired our candles with playlists that create an atmosphere inspired by the scent.

We decided to be bold, bright and vibrant. Our candles are made to be experienced.

The recipe for candle perfection is simple

Psst come close, we want to share some of our industry secrets.

  • Wax

    We select only 100% pure, all-natural soy wax for all of our candles. We do not introduce blends, additives or dyes.

  • Fragrance

    Our fragrances oils are premium quality that are paraben-free, phalate-fre, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  • Packaging

    From our glass jars, to the wooden wicks, to our labels and packaging; all are sustainable byproducts

Tied together by the vibe

The final (and most fun) step in the process is to create a playlist that pairs with the scent. This is where we get to take the candle to the next level and add that WOW factor!

Sustainability is at the core of what we do

All of the materials we use through our creation and packaging processes are eco-friendly and sustainable. We create in small batches to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint.

Our candles are safe for you, your family (and pets), and the environment.

We're always learning and open to develop and improve on our green initiatives.